CNC CAM grinding


CNC CAM grinding


TOPKING's X-CAM series is the specialized design for eccentric and not circular components grinding. It’s applied to eccentric, cam shaft, crank shaft, polygon punch grinding. It’s especially suitable for use in the automotive, automation equipment, mold industries. Control system equips with advanced SIEMENS controller and cooperates with TOPKING latest GUI work interface, increase parameter setting efficiency. Providing the best accuracy performance and operating environment.


Swivel Over Table: Ø230 mm
Distance Between Center: 200 mm
Max. Grinding Dia.: Ø200 mm
Max. Grinding Length: 150 mm

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■ Equipped with SIEMENS 840Dsl control system. Built-in TOPKING’s latest version graph conversational operate interface includes crankshaft and camshaft grinding application. Make work easier! Moreover, operating with CAD/CAM software (optional accessories) easy to programming the custom-made grinding graphics. Provide a flexible and humanized operating environment.


■ Artificial granite machine base for excellent damping characteristics and favorable thermal behavior.
■ Machine covers the small mounting area. Get the utmost out of your working space.


■ The work table is permanently bolted to the machine. The cross-slide design is adopted to reduce travel. It can improve working speed and precision stability.

■  X and axes are designed as cross-sliders to reduce machine space. 
■The X-axis is driven directly by a linear motor, combined with linear guides, to achieve smooth axial movement. Equipped with a high-resolution linear scale as standard, ensuring stable repeatability precision and guaranteeing utmost precision during the machining process.
■ Two axes covered by enclosed telescopic covers. To protect the transmission structure and prevent contamination from grinding debris and coolant.

■ X axis is driven by a linear motor directly, with no backlash for achieving more precise position control.
■ Cross-slider construction with high-speed precision linear motor and closed-loop control linear scale on X axis. Apply the smoothest working condition with the C axis.
■ Moving speed could reach 15000 mm/Min.
■ Linear motors constitute of coil and permanent magnets. No attrition for longer uses life and contributes to energy savings and increased efficiency.


Built-in spindle for grinding wheel.
■ The lightweight design of the wheelhead seat mitigates resonances stemming from conventional transmission components, thereby stabilizing the grinding process and elevating machining precision.
■ Built-in spindle proficiently manages and monitors spindle temperatures, effectively safeguarding against thermal deformation issues.
■ Built-in spindle's high-speed rotation and rapid response to acceleration and deceleration enable the fulfillment of speed adjustments and consistency required for intricate contour grinding.
■ Built-in spindle offers lower energy consumption and reduced pollution emissions, achieving benefits in energy efficiency and environmental conservation.


■ Working spindle equipped with a Direct Drive motor and precision angle encoder. High resolution of angle tolerance control ±0.2”. Accurate angle control applies for various eccentric, cam shaft, crank shaft, and polygon punch grinding.
■ Could do micro-adjustment for taper correction.


■ An auto. oil bath lubrication system has been provided for tailstock to maintain high-level accuracy.
■ The oil level gauge provides a quick check of the oil level.
■ Could adjust enables taper correction in centers fixed grinding way.


■ Convenient automatic lift-up sliding door, which can reduce manual work and increase convenience


Swing Over Table Ø230 mm
Distance Between Centers 200 mm
Max. Grinding Diameter Ø200 mm
Max. Grinding Length 150 mm
Max. Load Held Between Centers 5 kg
Center Height (from table to center tip) 125 mm
Grinding Wheel
Size (O.D. x Width x I.D.) Ø510 x 50 x Ø127 mm
Linear Velocity 45 m/sec
Swiveling Angle -1° ~ +10°
Swiveling Angle Fixed Type
Center Tapper MT. No. 3
Spindle Speed 10 ~ 300 rpm
Max. Load of Spindle (tool holder included)  15 kgs (Max. Length: 150 mm)
Center Tapper MT. No. 3
Center Moving Manual type
Tailstock Stroke 25 mm
Barrel Stroke ±30 μm
Cylindricity with Micro Adjustment ±0.03 mm
X-axis Travel
Max. Travel 260 mm
Rapid Feedrate Speed 10000 mm/Min
Auto. Feeding Speed 6000 mm/Min
Min. Feeding Setting 0.001 mm
Z-axis Travel
Max. Travel 260 mm
Rapid Feedrate Speed 6000 mm/Min
Auto. Feeding Speed 6000 mm/Min
Min. Feeding Setting 0.001 mm
Drive Motors
Grinding Wheel Spindle 2.5 kW
Workhead Spindle Motor (servo motor) 2.28 kW
Wheelhead Feed X-axis (servo motor) 875N (linear motor) 
Table Feed X-axis (servo motor) 2.29 kW (servo motor) 
Lubrication Hydraulic Motor NIL
Hydraulic Pump NIL
Coolant Pump 0.18 kW
Tank Capacities
Lubrication Tank (Guideway) NIL 
Dimension 2810 x 2780 x 2155 mm
Machine Weight 4300 kg
Center Height (from floor to center tip) 1150 mm

* The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.



■ CNC Controller (Brand: SEIMENS) x 1set
■ Grinding Wheel and Flange x 1 set
■ Grinding Wheel Inverter x 1 set
■ Diamond Tool Holder ( tailstock mounted type) x 1 set
■ Diamond Tool Holder ( tailstock mounted type) x 1 set
■ Carbide Tipped Work Centers (2 pcs/set) x 1 set
■ Micro Adjustment Tailstock x 1 set
■ Linear Motor for X-axis x 1 set
■ Linear Scale for X-axis x 1 set
■ Rotary Scale for C-axis x 1 set
■ CAD-CAM Software Graphical Programming  x 1 set
■ Electric System x 1 set
■ Fully Enclosed Splash Guard  x 1 set
■ Hydraulic System x 1 set
■ Coolant System x 1 set
■ Oil Mist Collector x 1 set
■ Work Lamp x 1 set
■ Tools (Leveling pad) and Tool Box x 1 set


■ Cam-locked Driving Dogs
■ Work Holder (2pcs/set)
■ 2-point Steady Rest
■ Adjustable 3-jaw Scroll Chuck
■ Adjustable 4-jaw Scroll Chuck
■ Diamond roller dressing device (connecting with workhead by flange)
■ Diamond roller dressing device (tailstoke mounted type)
■ Air Cylinder Tailstock
■ Wheel Balancing Stand and Arbor
■ Auto. Grinding Wheel Balancer
■ Spare Grinding and Wheel Flange
■ Touch Probe Gauge
■ Gap Control
■ Customized Workpiece Drive Fixture
■ Magnetic Coolant Separator
■ Paper Filter