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TOPKING Cylindrical Grinder – T series is suitable for step grinding. The X and Z axes are driven by NC servo motors with ball screws. Eliminate the complicated program editing of traditional CNC control systems. The T-Series is equipped with a high-performance control system with GUI. Provide the most convenient operating environment for the operator.


Swivel Over Table: Ø320 / Ø420 mm
Distance Between Center: 1500 mm
Max. Grinding Dia.: Ø300 / Ø400 mm
Grinding Wheel: Ø405 x 50 x Ø127 mm

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■ TOPKING's latest graphic dialogue operation interface provides the operator with the most convenient, simplest and safest operating environment. 
■ Different from the previous program editing, the numerical programming setting can automatically execute the grinding cycle, dressing cycle, correction and other commands.
■ It can memorize the coordinates of mechanical origin, grinding, dressing, compensation with one key.
■ Various grinding and dressing methods can be selected according to the needs of the work.


■ The structure of the machine is different from the previous lightweight design concept; it greatly strengthens the structural rigidity of the machine body and parts. In pursuit of more stability, it adopts a thicker and stronger sliding seat mechanism, the slideway 1V 1 flat structure, and a lubrication system designed by the principle of static pressure, providing the best precision and stability when grinding.

■ The slideways of the table and the wheel head are lubricated by an advanced automatic hydrostatical lubrication system. 
■ The lubrication performance of the worktable and the wheelhead has been significantly enhanced, showcasing exceptional grinding smoothness. Moreover, with the optimized operational fluidity, it becomes possible to achieve higher precision in the feed rate, ensuring the accuracy of the machining process.

■ The G.W. spindle is made of high-quality alloy steel SNCM-220, which has undergone multiple treatments such as normalization, quenching and tempering, carburizing heat treatment, and cryogenic treatment. Afterwards, precision grinding and mirror treatment are carried out, and the surface hardness reaches above HRC62°. Guarantee no deformation, wear resistance, high precision forever.


■ The work spindle utilizes precision-grade bearings, showcasing optimal stability.
■ The  workhead is driven by a servo motor, enabling continuous and infinitely variable speed adjustments based on demand.
■The workhead features a fixed-type work spindle, enhancing accuracy and stability.
■ The tailstock lubrication adopts an oil-bath lubrication system, ensuring consistent high precision of the tailstock at all times.
■ The lubrication system is equipped with an oil gauge for convenient monitoring of oil quantity by operators.


 (tailstock mounted type)

■ Diverse dressing device is available, adaptable to the requirements of the component.


Capacity T-1260 T-1660
Swing Over Table Ø320 mm Ø420 mm
Distance Between Centers 1500 mm 1500 mm
Max. Grinding Diameter Ø300 mm Ø400 mm
Max. Grinding Length 1500 mm 1500 mm
Max. Load Held Between Centers 100 kg 150 kg
Center Height (from table to center tip) 160 mm 210 mm
Grinding Wheel
Size (O.D. x Width x I.D.) Ø405 x 50 x Ø127 mm Ø405 x 50 x Ø127 mm
Linear Velocity 33 m/sec 33 m/sec
Swiveling Angle -0.5° ~ +8° -0.5° ~ +8°
Swiveling Angle -30° ~ +90° -30° ~ +90°
Center Tapper MT. No. 4 MT. No. 4
Spindle Speed 10 ~ 300 rpm 10 ~ 300 rpm
Max. Load of Spindle (tool holder included)  35 kg (max. length:150 mm) 35 kg (max. length:150 mm)
Center Tapper MT. No. 4 MT. No. 4
Center Moving Manual type Manual Type
Tailstock Stroke 25 mm 25 mm
X-axis Travel
Max. Travel 250 mm 285 mm
Rapid Feedrate Speed 6000 mm/Min 6000 mm/Min
Auto. Feeding Speed 0.001 ~ 2000 mm/Min 0.001 ~ 2000 mm/Min
Min. Feeding Setting 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Z-axis Travel
Max. Travel 1805 mm 1805 mm
Rapid Feedrate Speed 6000 mm/Min 6000 mm/Min
Auto. Feeding Speed 0.001 ~ 2000 mm/Min 0.001 ~ 2000 mm/Min
Min. Feeding Setting 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Drive Motors
Grinding Wheel Spindle 3.75 kW (5.5 kW) 3.75 kW (5.5 kW)
Workhead Spindle Motor (servo motor) 1.3 kW (AC servo motor) 1.3 kW (AC servo motor)
Wheelhead Feed X-axis (servo motor) 1.5 kW (AC servo motor) 1.5 kW (AC servo motor)
Table Feed X-axis (servo motor) 3.5 kW (AC servo motor) 3.5 kW (AC servo motor)
Wheel Spindle Lubricant Pump 0.18 kW 0.18 kW
Hydraulic Pump 0.37 kW 0.37 kW
Coolant Pump 0.18 kW 0.18 kW
Tank Capacities
Hydraulic Pump 18 L 18 L
Coolant Tank 22 L 22 L
Machine 5660 x 2873 x 2177 mm 5660 x 2873 x 2177 mm
Net Weight 4800 kg 5000 kg
Center Height (from floor to center tip) 1095 mm 1135 mm

* The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.



■ Grinding Wheel and Flange x 1 set
■ Carbide Tipped Work Centers (2 pcs/set) x 1 set
■ Diamond Tool Holder (tailstock mounted type) x 1 set
■ Electric System x 1 set
■ Hydraulic System x 1 set
■ Coolant System x 1 set
■ Work Lamp x 1 set
■ Tools (Leveling pad) and Tool Box x 1 set


■ Internal Grinding Attachment (incl. one spindle and G.W. inverter)
■ Hydraulic Tailstock
■ Cam-locked Type Driving Dog
■ Work Holders 2 pcs/set
■ 2-Point Steady Rest
■ 3-Point Steady Rest
■ 3-jaw Chuck
■ 4-jaw Chuck
■ Spare Grinding Wheel and Flange
■ Diamond Roller Dressing Device (connecting with workhead by flange)
■ Wheel Balancing Stand & Arbor
■ Automatic Grinding Wheel Balancer
■ Touch Probe Gauge
■ Auto. In-Process Gauge
■ Semi-Splash Guard
■ Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
■ Magnetic Coolant Separator
■ Paper Filter
■ Oil Mist Collector