Celebrate the Dragon Year with our Wishing Wall

January 26,2024
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NEW YEAR, NEW HOPES: Here Comes All the Good Luck!

In this refreshing new year, our company is hosting the Wishing Wall event for the first time, cordially inviting every colleague to share their New Year wishes! It's not just a festive occasion; it's also a wonderful opportunity to bring our company and employees closer together.

Come on, bravely speak out your wishes!

Each aspiration has the potential to come true, but even if it doesn't, that's perfectly okay. According to an uplifting statistic, over 90% of people fail to achieve their New Year goals each year.

Have you ever heard of the North Star Metric?

The North Star Metric is a key indicator truly reflecting the company's values and growth. Like the North Star, it guides us all in the right direction. Every wish on the wall is like a shining star illuminating the company's future, adding radiance to our collective growth. In this new year, let's join hands and strive to fulfill our wishes!


Thank you to each colleague for participating, and may this event mark the beautiful beginning of our shared journey forward.